About Christopher Tynes

33A former resident of Florida, Christopher Tynes presently serves in the U.S. Navy’s Tenth Fleet Cyber Command as an electronic warfare and information operations deputy division officer. In this role, he informs battle-space operational planning undertaken by the Information Warfare Commander. Christopher Tynes previously held responsibilities as deputy head with the Navy Irregular Warfare Office’s Innovations Branch. In that position, he facilitated the continued development of a Navy SEAL team deployment support system and led the transition of this system to Fleet Forces Command.

Tynes earned his bachelor of science in mechanical engineering at Pennsylvania State University and graduated from the Naval Aviation Flight School in 1992. He subsequently completed the Joint Air Operations Command and Control Course at Hurlburt Field in Florida. Earlier in his career, Tynes served as a P-3C Orion aircraft and mission commander and then joined the Pentagon’s SECNAV staff. As the general counsel of the Navy Administration Department manager, he implemented new protocols that enabled the timely resolution of the office’s overdue Congressional correspondence. Involved in his community, Christopher Tynes has tutored middle school and elementary school students in the Washington D.C. area.


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